Building Better and Sustainable Future for Our Communities

How We Work

New Ameican Academy (NAA) Center works with entrepreneurs and community organizations to concentrate the power of micro-enterprise development around dynamic “hubs” of community revitalization,linking the energy of people to the vitality of places. This “network of hubs” allows NAA to generate and sustain large-scale impact while communities retain ownership of the process and the results.

NAA’s development model includes six key elements that work together to develop hundreds of entrepreneurs and transform target neighborhoods, while increasing the capacity of community leaders and partner organizations both locally and nationally to revitalize their communities:

  1. Finding the Untapped, Hidden Talent of entrepreneurs in low-income communities.
  2. Eliminating Barriers through highly accessible, multi-cultural programs and services.
  3. Taking a Comprehensive, Long-Term Approach that helps entrepreneurs succeed.
  4. Working at Scale while communities retain ownership and enjoy the benefits of success.
  5. Linking Energy to Place creating the critical mass needed to revitalize neighborhoods.
  6. Building Local and National Capacity of individuals, organizations and communities.