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Community Engagement

Community Engagement Current Project: Engaging Immigrant, low-income and historically underrepresented community along the Southwest corridor

Engaging underrepresented constituencies involving in decision making and leadership roles in the design of the initiatives of SWLRT project

The underrepresented, low-income, disenfranchised, immigrant, minority community in the southwest metro area of the Twin Cities have been recruited and actively organized by New American Academy (lead agency for SWLRT community engagement and outreach project) to be the focal or key decision makers that assert leadership roles in the formulation, visioning, implementation, evaluation and other critical decision making processes involved in this SWLRT project – that is.

By unlocking opportunities for those with the greatest need.” The immigrant stakeholders organized themselves to establish the “Southwest Corridor Immigrant Council” or SCIC. NAA helped through the process specifically by educating the council members and the greater immigrant community residents their fair rights and civic or participatory democratic engagement roles on this project; per underlying thrust, i.e., “in participation, decision-making, and leadership roles around transit corridor planning and implementation … [that] is intended to supplement them with increased community capacity.”.

The main focus of our engagement here is to make sure that historically underrepresented and low-income community to be part of decision makers and make sure their voice heard.