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Course GoalsSession 1. Entrepreneurship: What does it mean for you?
Session 2. Planning for Businness Success
Session 3: The Market- Customers and Competition
Session 4. Marketing
Session 5. Credit and Financing
Session 6. Management and Operations
Session 7. Technology in Business
Session 8. Alumni Speaker/ Competition Reporting
Session 9. Financial Planning Part 1
Session 10. Financial Planning Part 2
Session 11. Are you Ready?
Session 12: Graduation

Goals of NDC Entrepreneur Training Program1. Research, Writte and confidently articulate a sound of business plan.

2. Understand and explain the key components of small business management
a. Operations
b. Marketing
c. Financials
d. Financing and credit review process

3. Assess their abilities as a small business owner and decide if opening a busines is the right decision for them and thier family at this time.

4. Identify and develop skills needed to operate a successful small business
a. Budgeting
b.Cash Management
c. Behavioral
d. Professional

5. Demonstrate an understanding of credit reporting and credit scores, what they mean, their importance and how to improve them by accessing their credit information and actively addressing issues.

6. Understand the economic impact of small business in their community and the larger economic picture, their importance, and the roles they and their owners play in their communities

7. Transfer skills and knowledge learned to their personal and professinal lives, even if they decide not to open a business this time…

a. Budgeting
b. Cash Management
c. Behavioral
d. Professional
e. Credit Review Process
f. Understanding of and appreciation for small business in the community.